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This page provides instructions for configuring the Bentley ProjectWise Explorer application for the use on Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) projects. These instructions assume the user has already installed the ProjectWise Explorer client application on their computer.

Configuration Workflow

1. Launch the ProjectWise Explorer application.

2. Click on Tools > Network Configuration Settings.


3. In the ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings dialog that appears, select the DNS Services tab and enter the following information into the appropriate fields. Ensure that the Prevent UDP box in the lower-left corner is toggled on. Select the Add button.

Server Name Hostname Port 5800

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4. Select the Datasource Listing tab and repeat the same process listed in step 3, ensuring that the Prevent UDP box in the lower-left corner is toggled on for this dialog too. Select the Add button. Click the Save button, then the Close button to exit out of the ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings dialog.


5. To access the DelDOT Production datasource, right-click on the ProjectWise Explorer Datasources icon and select Log in... menu item.

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6. Select the following items from the ProjectWise Explorer Log in dialog that appears.

a. Datasource: DELDOT Production
b. Authentication: Bentley IMS
c. Select the Activate button.

7. After selecting the Activate button, you will see the following message letting you know that ProjectWise needs to create a local working directory on your PC. Select Yes to allow ProjectWise to create the working directory. Accept the default location for the working directory.

Note: To utilize the Bentley IMS authentication method described above, the user should be logged into the Bentley Connection Client prior to logging into ProjectWise. If you are not logged into the Bentley Connection Client, you will be prompted to log in prior to gaining access to ProjectWise.

For external users, the Authentication method may differ. Please consult your IT Section for the appropriate authentication method(s). (Ex: ProjectWise/Single Sign-On)