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What is ProjectWise?
ProjectWise is a cloud based Document Management System (DMS) designed specifically to manage documents related to design and construction projects. ProjectWise can be accessed through both a thick client and thin client interface. The thick client interface uses the ProjectWise Explorer application which integrates into the main applications used to create the content, such as MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer. The thin client interface is accessed through the ProjectWise Web View portal.

Why use ProjectWise?
The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has implemented ProjectWise into their survey, design and construction workflows to manage project documents in a single repository or centralized storage system for all project data. The use of ProjectWise in the survey, design and construction workflows provides the following benefits:

  • Single Repository – single folder structure for each project accessed from anywhere.
  • Confidence and Integrity – assures one correct version of the document is maintained.
  • Secure Environment – access to document is control by security groups managed by DelDOT ProjectWise Administrators.
  • Search Capabilities – extensive search capabilities to find documents inside of folders and projects. Contents of Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and DGNs are searchable, so not limited to file name alone.
  • Managed References – if a file that is referenced gets moved or renamed, ProjectWise automatically changes the attachment information within MicroStation to maintain the link.

What project Information is stored on ProjectWise?
Reference the ProjectWise Folder Structure and Contents guidelines page for a detailed list of what information is stored within ProjectWise, and the folder structure that is being implemented to house this data.

How do you configure and connect to the DelDOT ProjectWise Datasource?
DelDOT houses project related documents within the “DELDOT Production” datasource on ProjectWise. Please reference the ProjectWise Explorer Configuration guidelines page for detailed information pertaining to connecting to the “DELDOT Production” datasource.

Project Access and Permissions
Project folders are created on the DELDOT Production datasource on ProjectWise by the DelDOT ProjectWise Administrators. Access to project folders and documents stored on ProjectWise is handled through the use of security groups that have been established by DelDOT ProjectWise Administrators.

Each project member will be assigned to a security group. All access or permission issues should be communicated to the DelDOT Project Manager, who in turn will reach out to the DelDOT ProjectWise Administrators for establishing security groups.

The request form for adding projects to the DELDOT Production datasource, as well as assigning access and permissions to the project folders is located on the Forms page.

ProjectWise System Support
If you have questions or issues pertaining to the overall functionality of ProjectWise, please send an email to

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